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Quick Tips for Storage Cost Estimating

In my professional roles, I get to speak with lots of customers about the different issues that they’re having in their environments, and what pains they have, and what needs they have based on their virtualization environment, and to look for ways that we can address those. And one that I wanted to share with […]

17 Nov, 2014 Joe F

What Is Cloud Computing?

To meet ever-changing business needs, organizations need to invest time and budget to scale up their IT infrastructure, such as hardware, software, and services. However, with on-premises IT infrastructure, the scaling process can be slow and organizations are frequently unable to achieve optimal utilization of the IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is a paradigm shift that […]

4 Nov, 2014 Joe F

What You May Not Know About Colocation

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your servers are completely secure, reliable and never experience downtime. Doing this in-house can be a daunting ” not to mention costly ” task. This is why many business owners choose colocation. But what exactly is colocation, and why should you consider it? Colocation is a […]

15 Oct, 2014 Joe F