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What You May Not Know About Colocation

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your servers are completely secure, reliable and never experience downtime. Doing this in-house can be a daunting ” not to mention costly ” task. This is why many business owners choose colocation. But what exactly is colocation, and why should you consider it? Colocation is a […]

15 Oct, 2014 Joe F

What You Need To Know About Power

Different Definitions Various descriptions can be used to explain the exact nature of a data center. The term could refer to a structure that physically houses equipment of various kinds such as servers, routers, switches, load balances, vaults, racks, wire cages etc. It may also refer to a point through which data is stored, managed, […]

25 Sep, 2014 Joe F

Top Benefits Of Colocation Services For Your Business

In the present dispensation, technology has really advanced to a promising height. Cloud is as well booming with another innovation to satisfy clients need. On this note, businesses now have several options to select from when talking about information technology needs. For businesses that want to outsource their computing needs, colocation is just one of […]

2 Sep, 2014 Joe F